What is Geo-sight?

Geo-sight allows you to track and monitor works as they happen in real time, from the office or anywhere with an internet connection. Using the Geo-Sight mobile app, your workforce can capture detailed location-aware records documenting the progress of works through its entire life cycle. The benefits to companies and their clients are almost endless. Principally developed for the highways industry, this versatile and innovative solution can be used by any company where pictorial evidence would prove advantageous.

Geo-sight has brought together expertise from varying sectors; image processing, civil engineering, and software development to create a sophisticated tool to benefit many industry sectors. This combination of expertise, allows the full potential of current leading edge development to be realised in a unique system.

Geo-sight was principally developed for highways and utility works, allowing more efficient monitoring of work, and rapid response to site information. However, it is generically useful for any application that requires real-time information, in an easily accessible and retrievable form.

The team that have developed Geo-sight, have a proven track record in developing systems of practical benefit to the construction industry. They recognised the need to leverage commonly available technology, to achieve more effective monitoring of remote sites. They have designed and built the system, to allow rapid implementation with minimum setup costs.

With smart phones now in common use among the workforce, capital investment in the system is kept to a minimum.

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Geo-sight and John Henry Group

The John Henry Group developed Geo-sight technology to evidence exceptional working standards through remote image capture on smart phones and tablets.

Since we started using Geo-sight technology, we’ve reduced our carbon footpring by more than 15 tonnes in our management fleet alone. Watch the video to discover how it’s being used to make a difference.

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