What is Inmystreet?

John Henry Group’s Inmystreet initiative allows members of the public to scan our courtesy boards and search for the road in which we’re working to find out more about what’s going on outside their homes and businesses. Using specially designed courtesy boards which feature QR barcodes, members of the public can scan the courtesy board and enter a street name into our specially developed Inmystreet search engine. From here they can access information on the works, with the option to even subscribe to the service that’s under construction. Inmystreet is changing the way John Henry Group is working in the community on behalf of ISPs and telecoms companies.

Interactive Courtesy Boards

The specially designed Inmystreet courtesy boards feature a QR (quick response) code, which points members of the public to a specialist Google-like search engine developed by John Henry Group. The website is responsive to tablets, smartphones and computers and allows the public to access more information about the works going on in their area. Watch the video below to find out more information.

Inmystreet Official Video

Find out more about how Inmystreet.info works in this short video with John Henry Group’s marketing and HSEQ teams.

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