Turnkey Fibre Network Solutions

The ultimate consulting partner in the planning, design and delivery of all-scale FTTX and HFC network projects across the UK and beyond

As a trusted partner to most major ISPs and telco organisations for three decades, John Henry Biscomm is the first port of call for all-scale FTTx network solutions, maintenance, turn-key upgrade and growth projects.

Over the past 30 years, John Henry Biscomm has successfully managed more than 10,000 fibre projects, installing and constructing more than 10,000,000 metres of fibre and communications cable, predominantly across the United Kingdom.

When coupled with with the expertise of our sister division, John Henry Communications, John Henry Biscomm allows our clients to call upon a potent and expert network infrastructure deployment solution, which is capable of building, maintaining and upgrading the most advanced of fibre networks anywhere in the UK.

We work across the highways, residential and multi-dwelling installs into commercial, private and public buildings (hospitals and local authorities), as we provide innovative cabling and network solutions for clients on a premises basis.

Operating at the forefront of the fibre and communications arena, John Henry Biscomm is trusted to deliver network build, maintenance and Emergency Response Solutions (ERS repairs) to some of the largest global telecoms companies and multiple service operators (MSOs), including Vodafone, Virgin Media, BT and CityFibre.

Coupling more than 30 years of market leading expertise with innovation and exceptional, accredited and unrivalled service delivery, John Henry Biscomm leads the way in the fibre and communications arena.

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