Share your thoughts and knowledge on safety and performance in traffic management

Thank you for taking the time to visit our feedback survey. Please share your thoughts on safety in traffic management in the boxes below. The survey takes a few minutes and we will be collating the results to publish an industry report. If you would like a digital copy of the report, complete with commentary and results, please fill out the box to the right of the survey.

Note: Max amount of words per answer is 250.

1. Please outline any safety technology you would expect your contractors to be utilising on site for traffic management purposes, for example, Geo-sight technology or helmet cameras.

2. What benefits do you see in offering remote monitoring equipment to traffic management professionals?

3. Is it important to you that traffic management companies conduct drug and alcohol tests?

Yes, it should be a standard practiceNot that importantWe would not judge a traffic management partner on their drug and alcohol policies

4. How important to you as a business is it to reduce fixed penalty fines on a project by project basis?

Not releventReasonably ImportantVery Important

5. Which of the following influence your deicision to hire a traffic management partner?

SafetyExpertiseTechnologyInnovationProductivityEquipment SpecificationUK Footprint SizePrevious Track RecordCode of ConductTraining Record

6. How could traffic management teams add further value to your project on site, outside of their normal duties?

7. How important is it that a traffic management company has a behavioural code of conduct when working on behalf of your business?

Not ImportantQuite ImportantVery Important

8. How often do you expect KPI performance reports from your traffic management partner during a project (eg. a month of works)


9. Is price as an important factor as safetly in your descision to hire a traffic management partner?

Price Is more importantSafety Is more importantBoth are as important

10. What accreditations do you expect from your traffic management partner as standard? Please share your thoughts in the box below.

11. Please share an addional thoughts in the box below
























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