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Within the John Henry Group our way of working is not just about getting things right first time, it’s about creating a learning organisation which we can demonstrate and benefit from, continual improvement, as part of our corporate mission towards Engineering Excellence, which is why we have been a key partner in the development of pioneering smartphone safety technology: Geo-sight.

Geo-sight technology allows us to audit all of our live working streams throughout our group-wide operation, providing workforce KPIs, streamline and eliminate profligacy and improve safety and quality standards  – all from our workforce smart phones. Discover the technology below.

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Discover How Geo-sight technology is changing quality, performance, auditing and health and safety initiatives across our UK footprint

Safety Statement

The Health and Safety of our workforce has always been and will continue to be of paramount importance to the John Henry Group and we take the most stringent measures to ensure that our workers, business partners and members of the public are protected against potentially hazardous situations.

The John Henry Group has an externally audited Quality Management System which fully complies to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and the National Highway Sector Scheme 8. Since gaining accreditation, we have maintained our drive for continuous improvement, which has been implemented across all areas of our business as we continue to strive for excellence.

We have recently embarked on a programme to gain BS EN ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and introduce a fully Integrated Management System (IMS). This IMS will encompass the generic elements of all three standards in order to align focus, avoid duplication thus facilitating further improvements, whilst being tailored to the new standards being introduced.

This commitment is evidenced by our Safety Policy that clearly states that the John Henry Group  considers that nothing is so important that it cannot be done safely. We ensure the policy is not only prepared and revised in line with current best practice and regulation, but is effectively communicated to visitors, our workforce and supply chain.

We have set ourselves a goal of ‘zero injuries through the effective management of safety in all our operations’ which requires constant attention, focus and leadership from our people.

In recognition of this, in 2013 we launched a group-wide initiative referred to as ‘STARR’ (Stop, Think, Act, Reduce and Record) which is centered on assessment of risk. This initiative is being embedded into all lines of our business during 2014 and forms a key part of our safety behavior of all employees, going forwards.

In addition to this we actively monitor our activities through our in-house systems ensuring that everyone works safely and any issues are identified and corrected in a timely manner. These systems include but are not limited to;

  • Geo-sight Technology – Real time pictures from the field to enable not only monitoring of works but also to act as a medium for the field staff to raise any issues that can be reviewed independently and a safe solution found.
  • Bespoke CMS – this allows the Group to ensure compliance with not only our safe systems of work but also both our clients and our own quality standards through a series of onsite checks whereby every individual has a compliance score. Any defects have a full audit trail and any coaching/training (both internal and external) is identified and tracked through to completion. This is then verified on site to ensure it has been understood and complied with.

Our directors and their direct reports play an active role in ensuring the very best compliance standards and carry out a planned programme of site visits ‘walking the job’ across the Group to reinforce the commitment to, and provide visibility of safety leadership.

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